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A look back into 2021

It has been a crazy year for me. A lot of great things happened to me and my family despite the fact the pandemic was all around us. First of all, nobody got sick because of COVID and that's great!

What a ride!

At the beginning of the year 2021 I was working for OLX Group, building a new version of Real Estate classifieds together with my team. We did a tremendous amount of job migrating the codebase from the legacy, non-maintainable codebase to a newer one following the best practices for software development we could use. We used TypeScript, NextJS, React and GraphQL along with AWS services for that. It was a great ride. I'm very grateful to my team I was a part of this ride and that my voice was heard.


In middle of the year, I thought I could stay at OLX for a long time. I could see my future there. There was a plan for my career ... and it happened. I got an offer I could not resist. I'm not going to keep it secret that I have strong ambitions for leading teams of developers to create succesful projects. In the fall, I've joined KUDO and it was a good choice for me especially. I joined KUDO with the mission to create a team of strong frontend developers, who can build outstanding products and which can create a strong organization of knowledge sharing developers. The product we're building was featured in the Times Magazine as the one of most innovative products in 2021 and that made me very proud. Leading a multicultural remote team of developers working in multiple timezones around the world is a great experience. I love that. Seeing the team members growing with the technical skills is even more satisfying, because this is my mission. To help other developers getting better as software developers. This is also a reason I started writing this blog long time ago, back in 2009.

My projects

My blog is my very personal project. All the articles written on this website were created with helping others in mind, but this year was not filled with many articles from my end. It made me feel bad sometimes. Do I still have anything to share with others? Of course I have! The thing is, that on daily basis I'm not touching basic stuff, as in the past, that can be easily and quickly converted to a new aticle that helps others. For most of my time I'm working on quite complex topics and describing it, would take a lot of time. If I find something that is relatively short in terms of time needed to write an article then I will put it onto this blog. Every year I'm trying to become a speaker at least one conference/meetup. Due to pandemic it changed a lot. This year I had a chance to try myself in action as a remove conference speaker where I was speaking about creating teams that understand the value of sharing knowledge while working remotely. This was a great experience. Other than that, I started migration of my drag'n'drop library to TypeScript and I still cannot find enough time to finish it. Maybe I will do it in 2022. We'll see.

My plans for 2022?

I will focus on my family, my health. Maybe I will find enough time to write some great article on my blog or just to finish the ones I started some time ago (I have 45 drafts!). I wish you all, all the best in 2022! And stay healthy!